A Unified Communications Easter Message

A Unified Communications Easter Message

Spring is in the air and Easter is just around the corner. That means it’s time to talk about the benefits of unified communications for your business!

Unified communications is the integration of all communication channels, such as voice, video, messaging, and collaboration tools, into a single platform. With unified communications from Got2Connect, your business can enjoy a variety of benefits. For starters, you’ll have seamless communication across all devices and platforms. No more missed calls or messages! You can access all your communication channels from a single dashboard, making it easier to stay on top of things.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With unified communications, you can increase your business’ ROI. How, you ask? Well, for one, you’ll save money on communication costs. No more paying for multiple services from different providers. You’ll have everything you need in one place, at a lower cost.

But the real magic happens when it comes to productivity. Unified communications can streamline your workflow and increase efficiency. With the ability to collaborate in real-time, you can get more done in less time. And that means more money in your pocket.

So, what are you waiting for? So, since it’s almost Easter, hop on over to Got2Connect and see how unified communications can help your business. Happy Easter, everyone!

Dependable Software Integrations Are Crucial to Your Business

Dependable Software Integrations Are Crucial to Your Business

As a business owner, you don’t have time to deal with whether all your organization’s communications and software systems work seamlessly or not. You need to spend your limited time…well…running your business. Still, the speed of innovation of the different technical communications systems in your organization can still present a challenge to you. This is where having a dependable unified communications platform that integrates with various other business applications become crucial to your business. So, lets take a look at a few ways that Got2Connect software integrations can help you keep your customers happy.

Got2Connect Creates a Cohesive, Interconnected Work Environment

One of the main advantages of an interconnected work environment is the ability to manage both disparate and complementary systems and platforms. This capability solves a very real problem that you have in managing multiple vendors. In fact, the very consolidation of features and services into an integrated communications system was the original motivation behind the “unified communications” concept, which drove home the benefits of combining critical collaboration and telephony functionality into a comprehensive ecosystem.

The right integration allows a unified communications (UC) solution to piggyback on both the popularity and the functionality of a major platform such as ConnectWise or Microsoft Office. This delivers huge advantages for you by way of boosting brand awareness, market presence, customer trust, and solidifying your position as the trusted vendor in your space.

Reduce Conflicts Associated With “Bolt-Ons”

Technical glitches and customer disappointment often arise when disparate platforms are cobbled together. Many solutions typically use a distinct interface, operate according to unique software parameters, and access individual databases in order to perform the full roster of functions required to run a business. Furthermore, disparate technology often does not function optimally when it is not properly integrated, which hinders the organization’s ability to reach peak efficiency. Got2Connect solves that problem by offering a unified solution that has every component work well together from the start.

Improving Efficiencies Through Integration

Connecting various communications platforms makes life easier for you by accessing many of your tools and features from a single, accessible interface. Businesses typically devote a great deal of time, labor, and resources to managing siloed business applications. Your databases often must be manually updated in more than one application – creating redundant tasks and increasing the potential for errors. Software integrations minimize these redundancies – creating a more streamlined and efficient system overall. The ability to integrate disparate technologies allows businesses like yours to focus their resources on strategic initiatives that support their bottom line – such as sales, marketing, and product development – and not on how to get their various systems to perform synergistically.

To learn more about how Got2Connect can benefit your entire business communications integration and increase your bottom line, contact us at (802) 773-0126. We would love the opportunity to set up a consultation with you and your staff.

Benefits of Integrated Communications for the Small Mobile Business

Benefits of Integrated Communications for the Small Mobile Business

As a small company owner, you know how important it is to juggle many tasks at once. Depending on your business, the same can be said for the rest of your team. To stay competitive, you and your team will need to stay in constant communication with each other as well as clients. This is especially true when the team needs to be mobile and able to conduct business from just about anywhere.

In the past, companies relied heavily on separate systems to keep in communication with each other, as well as to keep projects coordinated and on track. Email was used to send attached files to multiple team members. Attachments in varying levels of project completion that could get lost in a long list of other emails. Cell phones were as important a tool as they are today, but contacts and other phone records were kept separately from project records. And project management systems that were often only semi-productive because they were disconnected from other systems and over-dependent on time-wasting manual user input.

All of that was fine but the next step in the evolution was to bring all of these separated elements together, and in a way that have them working well together. That evolution led to the integrated communications systems we use today.

Just as Important for Small Companies

While many believe a robust integrated communications system is the realm of large companies, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, a small company benefits just as much, if not even more, especially if the small company depends on the efficient operation of a mobile team.

As previously stated, small mobile teams need to be especially productive if the company is to compete in the marketplace. Integrated communications systems combine all sorts of document management systems, email, voice, video and web conferencing, file storage and more in one well running system. Contact management and workflow tools that can operate seamlessly with email, document management, calendars, conferencing and much more. And, most importantly, since it all operates through the cloud, the entire system is far more cost effective than separate legacy systems that also need to be maintained by expensive in-house maintenance crews. Integrated communications systems usually operate through a subscription pricing model with all upgrading, security and storage done off-site by the third party integrated communications service. Besides the low cost of maintenance, there is no need for large and expensive in-house hardware or square footage.

Integrated communications systems, when used routinely as part of a company’s workflow, will establish a project and client record on the fly and have it evolve through the different phases of a project. Imagine collaborative systems that contain database tools which allow the team to create simple workflows while pulling contacts from a CRM and into the workflow without needing to do it manually. True automation that benefits a small company’s bottom line directly.

The Great Equalizer

A small company that adopts an integrated communications system as the hub of the company’s communications and workflow management needs may be surprised at how competitive that company becomes. With so many systems working well together, a small company can often be mistaken as being larger than it is. But more importantly, the efficiency of a robust integrated communications system on behalf of a small company cannot be overstated.

How Mobility in Unified Communications Became More Important Since the Pandemic

How Mobility in Unified Communications Became More Important Since the Pandemic

While there had been an ongoing shift in how businesses communicate before the pandemic started in early 2020, you can agree that the crisis accelerated the need for a robust unified communications infrastructure. While the pandemic appears to be on the downturn, savvy business owners have continued to benefit from the upgrated communications upgrades.

Mobility, Productivity and the Workforce of Today

With the pandemic’s apparent downturn, much of today’s workforce has returned back to the office. However, the need for a robust unified communications system only increased. The pandemic has, for all of its negative effects, also managed to demonstrate how important that technology is to the business going forward into the future.

Today, unified communications mobily tools are one of the best ways to enable your workforce to seamlessly collaborate and conduct business, no matter what various combinations of environments they work under. Since a mobile unified communications system is about accessing the features and functionality of a company’s unified communications system and using all its features from any remote location and any device, it also facilitates a new hybrid workplace, increasing productivity in ways that will last into the future.

The Leverage of Mobile Devices

As already mentioned, the mobile workforce trend was already in force in the marketplace before the pandemic. The pandemic accelerated it, however.

Statistics have shown that about 70% of employees keep their cell phones within eye contact at work. About 71% spend more than two hours each week accessing company information through a mobile device. And, that’s not hard to understand since increased accessibility abilities of a mobile workforce increases productivity. Employees are more reachable to co-workers and clients, of course, regardless of their physical location.

Accessing Unified Communications Features from Anywhere

For many businesses, robust mobility is not so much a convenience but a crucial standard basic capability. It allows companies with multiple divisions, regardless of physical location, to communicate with key individuals from anywhere and still present themselves to clients as a single, cohesive unit. A unified communications system allows users the ability to access advanced features such as presence management, voicemail and call transfer capabilities with the same ease as they would while physically in the office. It allows for efficient collaboration throughout the organization.

Finally, as the pandemic wanes, the need for unified communications is just as important as during the crisis. In fact, the pandemic has only served as a means to introduced the technology to more businesses. Can a unified communications system work for your business? Please feel free to reach out to a Got2Connect representative. We would be very happy to consult with you regarding how this technology can benefit your organization.

The Benefits of Unified Communications and How They Effect Your Company’s ROI

The Benefits of Unified Communications and How They Effect Your Company's ROI


Unified communications has been making inroads in the last few years, having become a crucial component in the modern office. The technology has matured to the point of reliably providing a solid and dependable return on investment. In fact, businesses that deploy a dependable unified communications system throughout the organization can look forward to any of the following:

  • Lower costs of operations
  • New efficiencies
  • Enhanced communications between you and co-workers
  • Enhanced communications between you and your clients
  • Productivity boost

Each of these elements contribute to the efficiency of the business and a better bottom line. Let’s take a closer look at how each of these benefits can provide a considerable return on your investment:

An Improved Business Process

When researching unified communications’ return on investment, business owners should look beyond simple initial price points by focusing on the benefits of unified communications and how it fits within your organization. For instance:

  • How a virtualized infrastructure lowers costs. Unified communications technologies are, for the most part, delivered as a service through the cloud. Cloud-based services generally bypass the need for expensive in-house hardware. There is no expensive capital outlay for equipment and instead relies on a subscription model. Costs are both lower and predictable.
  • Rapid deployment of unified communications technologies almost eliminates delays in getting your business’ communications needs up and running. While in-house hosted unified communications deployments can sometimes take months to get up to speed, subscription model systems can be configured and running in a matter of hours since the behind-the-scenes infrastructure is already up and running via the cloud. In addition, maintenance, updates and additional services are also provided via the cloud and completed quickly and seamlessly with almost no need for your direct involvement.
  • Cloud-based unified communications systems support legacy investments. Because of the virtual component of the technology, unified communications solutions have the additional advantage of being easy to implement in a legacy environment while allowing businesses to keep a portion of their existing technology investments intact. In this way, companies can upgrade their communications without having to endure a budget-breaking “rip-and-replace” scenario.
  •  A streamlined communications system increases productivity. Whether it’s quickly locating a co-worker, texting an urgent message to a colleague or customer from your location, or transferring a call to a team member out in the field as seamlessly as if he or she were in the office, cloud-based unified communications systems offer a host of productivity-enhancing capabilities. More fluid, immediate communication speeds up workflows and enhances productivity, which has a positive impact on revenues.
  • A unified communications system promotes better performance. It consolidates a great number of features into one platform, available to the user in any location that has an internet connection.
  • Centralized system management. You, or a permission-based administrator, can add or remove users to the system without needing to depend on the technology provider. This reduces downtime for the staff and cuts down on labor for the technology team, all the while creating an easier way to support staff members in the field.

No matter the size of your company, the return on investment provided by unified communications systems is substantial and almost immediate. This is especially important to cost-strapped small businesses. To find out how Got2Connect can benefit your company’s communications needs, feel free to set up a consultation with us. Either fill out the form on the website or call during business hours at (802) 773-0126.