Natural Disaster and Small Business Operations

Natural Disasters

When disasters hit, being prepared is so vital for the stability of your small business. That is where Got2Connect steps in to help you prepare for the worst. Each year the storms seem to become more damaging, but the last thing you want to leave to chance is it hurting your business.

Do you have a disaster plan written? Is that something you have considered enacting on? If not, now is the time to make the beneficial changes to help your business thrive no matter what mother nature throws at us!


E911 is a service that can provide the current location of anyone who calls 911 on your phone network. This service helps first responders and rescuers pin point the location of those in need. During a natural disaster this could be the difference between in a rescue. It is important to update your E911 location if you move or have plans to move for the duration of a storm.

Voicemail to Email Feature

The most efficient way to receive messages when your phones are down is the voicemail to email feature. During natural disasters some companies will receive a higher volume of calls and this feature is a helpful tool to stay on top of your messages and allows for better organization of your messages. The set up is just as simple as the tool!

Unplug Your Electronics

It’s always a good idea to unplug and store your electronics in a safe place to avoid damage from the storm. One benefit of using a VoIP phones is they are plug and play which means even after being unplugged they do not loose their configured settings. Once Mother Nature settles down and you are able to restore your phone systems all of your settings will come right back and things will be back to smooth sailing!

Mother Nature is unpredictable and there is no way to know for sure what will be headed our way, but being prepared will save you countless hours and headaches caused by being unprepared. Not only is it beneficial to your own business, but also to your clients. Clients like to invest in a company that they can rely on not matter what the situation and having the right tools will allow you to service your clients needs.