The Benefits of Unified Communications and How They Effect Your Company’s ROI

The Benefits of Unified Communications and How They Effect Your Company's ROI


Unified communications has been making inroads in the last few years, having become a crucial component in the modern office. The technology has matured to the point of reliably providing a solid and dependable return on investment. In fact, businesses that deploy a dependable unified communications system throughout the organization can look forward to any of the following:

  • Lower costs of operations
  • New efficiencies
  • Enhanced communications between you and co-workers
  • Enhanced communications between you and your clients
  • Productivity boost

Each of these elements contribute to the efficiency of the business and a better bottom line. Let’s take a closer look at how each of these benefits can provide a considerable return on your investment:

An Improved Business Process

When researching unified communications’ return on investment, business owners should look beyond simple initial price points by focusing on the benefits of unified communications and how it fits within your organization. For instance:

  • How a virtualized infrastructure lowers costs. Unified communications technologies are, for the most part, delivered as a service through the cloud. Cloud-based services generally bypass the need for expensive in-house hardware. There is no expensive capital outlay for equipment and instead relies on a subscription model. Costs are both lower and predictable.
  • Rapid deployment of unified communications technologies almost eliminates delays in getting your business’ communications needs up and running. While in-house hosted unified communications deployments can sometimes take months to get up to speed, subscription model systems can be configured and running in a matter of hours since the behind-the-scenes infrastructure is already up and running via the cloud. In addition, maintenance, updates and additional services are also provided via the cloud and completed quickly and seamlessly with almost no need for your direct involvement.
  • Cloud-based unified communications systems support legacy investments. Because of the virtual component of the technology, unified communications solutions have the additional advantage of being easy to implement in a legacy environment while allowing businesses to keep a portion of their existing technology investments intact. In this way, companies can upgrade their communications without having to endure a budget-breaking “rip-and-replace” scenario.
  •  A streamlined communications system increases productivity. Whether it’s quickly locating a co-worker, texting an urgent message to a colleague or customer from your location, or transferring a call to a team member out in the field as seamlessly as if he or she were in the office, cloud-based unified communications systems offer a host of productivity-enhancing capabilities. More fluid, immediate communication speeds up workflows and enhances productivity, which has a positive impact on revenues.
  • A unified communications system promotes better performance. It consolidates a great number of features into one platform, available to the user in any location that has an internet connection.
  • Centralized system management. You, or a permission-based administrator, can add or remove users to the system without needing to depend on the technology provider. This reduces downtime for the staff and cuts down on labor for the technology team, all the while creating an easier way to support staff members in the field.

No matter the size of your company, the return on investment provided by unified communications systems is substantial and almost immediate. This is especially important to cost-strapped small businesses. To find out how Got2Connect can benefit your company’s communications needs, feel free to set up a consultation with us. Either fill out the form on the website or call during business hours at (802) 773-0126.