How Mobility in Unified Communications Became More Important Since the Pandemic

How Mobility in Unified Communications Became More Important Since the Pandemic

While there had been an ongoing shift in how businesses communicate before the pandemic started in early 2020, you can agree that the crisis accelerated the need for a robust unified communications infrastructure. While the pandemic appears to be on the downturn, savvy business owners have continued to benefit from the upgrated communications upgrades.

Mobility, Productivity and the Workforce of Today

With the pandemic’s apparent downturn, much of today’s workforce has returned back to the office. However, the need for a robust unified communications system only increased. The pandemic has, for all of its negative effects, also managed to demonstrate how important that technology is to the business going forward into the future.

Today, unified communications mobily tools are one of the best ways to enable your workforce to seamlessly collaborate and conduct business, no matter what various combinations of environments they work under. Since a mobile unified communications system is about accessing the features and functionality of a company’s unified communications system and using all its features from any remote location and any device, it also facilitates a new hybrid workplace, increasing productivity in ways that will last into the future.

The Leverage of Mobile Devices

As already mentioned, the mobile workforce trend was already in force in the marketplace before the pandemic. The pandemic accelerated it, however.

Statistics have shown that about 70% of employees keep their cell phones within eye contact at work. About 71% spend more than two hours each week accessing company information through a mobile device. And, that’s not hard to understand since increased accessibility abilities of a mobile workforce increases productivity. Employees are more reachable to co-workers and clients, of course, regardless of their physical location.

Accessing Unified Communications Features from Anywhere

For many businesses, robust mobility is not so much a convenience but a crucial standard basic capability. It allows companies with multiple divisions, regardless of physical location, to communicate with key individuals from anywhere and still present themselves to clients as a single, cohesive unit. A unified communications system allows users the ability to access advanced features such as presence management, voicemail and call transfer capabilities with the same ease as they would while physically in the office. It allows for efficient collaboration throughout the organization.

Finally, as the pandemic wanes, the need for unified communications is just as important as during the crisis. In fact, the pandemic has only served as a means to introduced the technology to more businesses. Can a unified communications system work for your business? Please feel free to reach out to a Got2Connect representative. We would be very happy to consult with you regarding how this technology can benefit your organization.